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Here's what we've updated and added lately.

New publication in Stroke, reporting on the effects of using the PREP algorithm in real-world clinical practice. It increases therapist confidence, modifies therapy content, and reduces length of stay by one week. 9th March 2017.

New presentation, Predicting Recovery of Upper Limb Function After Stroke: Why and How. 6th April 2016.

Provided some examples of how to use the SAFE score in the first 3 days. 28th October 2015.

Made a Chinese version of the Home Exercise Programme available. 23rd July 2015.

Added a detailed description for grading Shoulder Abduction and Finger Extension to the PREP for Clinicians page. 16th January 2015.

New slide show, explaining the PREP algorithm and how to use it for tailoring upper limb rehabilitation after stroke. 12th December 2014.

New PREP for Researchers page, outlining how to use the algorithm for patient selection and stratification in clinical trials. 15th November 2014.

New publication in Current Opinion in Neurology, about predicting and accelerating motor recovery after stroke. 11th November 2014.

Updated Home exercise programme for therapists to download and prescribe for patients in the complete category. 10th November 2014.